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Guideline Solutions

Your partner for digital guidelines, content management, and dissemination


Digital Agency Services

Multi-channel content marketing and digital sales aids for life science industries


Clinical Decision Support

Interactive tools and algorithms for the evaluation of diagnosis and treatment options


  • Börm Bruckmeier (BB) is a German medical publishing house founded by doctors, for doctors, that since 1992, has been deeply rooted in the field of medical practitioners.
  • BB consults, creates, and publishes healthcare content and digital solutions. A one-stop-shop for unique content, sponsoring, and long-term cooperation.
  • With expertise in providing digital and print content, BB has established long-standing partnerships with some of the world’s most renowned medical societies and healthcare companies.
  • BB is committed to improving health outcomes worldwide by delivering guideline-driven, easily accessible content that empowers clinicians to properly diagnose patients, provide optimal treatment, and ensure the highest possible standard of care.
  • BB is at the forefront of digitizing the medical field with a wide variety of CE-certified medical applications and software solutions.
  • With offices in the US, Germany, Spain, and India, the BBGroup features a comprehensive team of medical writers and editors, software developers, and graphic designers.




Creative Healthcare Agency

  • Multi-channel content marketing for life science industries
  • Scientific & technical content marketing strategies
  • Visibility consulting with targeted media planning
  • Scientific field service materials and digital sales aids
  • Creative and design projects in healthcare
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Guideline Solutions

  • CE-certified medical software device guidelines apps currently used by more than 2 million physicians worldwide
  • Authoring and Content Management System (ACoMS) for collaborative, simultaneous rich-text editing of guideline texts.
  • Deep transformation and digitization of guidelines into software instruments and clinical decision support tools, that guide physicians step-by-step through processes of managing patients in guideline-adherent practices
  • Trusted partner of the world’s largest and most renowned medical societies – supporting them through all processes involved in the guideline lifecycle

Medical Publishing

  • BB has a bestselling portfolio of medical publications in various formats:

Platform apps with texts and tools, including but not limited to Arzneimittel pocket plus App, Diabetes CDS App, Neuro CDS App, Onco CDS App, Pneumo CDS App and Rheuma CDS App

Pocketbooks, pocketcards, pocket posters, flyers for our bookstore products

Find all print products with our bookstore partner Lehmanns Media
  • With expertise in providing digital and print content, BB has established long-standing partnerships with some of the world’s most renowned medical societies.