Client: Robert Koch Institut (RKI)

The Standing Commission on Vaccination (STIKO) at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) develops vaccination recommendations for Germany, which also form the basis for the vaccination guidelines of the Federal Joint Committee. The recommendations are considered the medical standard and are published in an updated version every year in August. An interactive version of the STIKO recommendations and other helpful information about vaccination can now be found in a single app.
The STIKO@rki app was developed by the RKI for vaccinating physicians and healthcare professionals to help them with questions about vaccination in their daily practice. With just a few clicks, users get the information relevant to counseling individual patients. An extended interactive vaccination check, a travel vaccination tool and an explanatory video section are in the pipeline.
Also available in the app are the technical information for all vaccines, answers to frequently asked questions about vaccinations, and the RKI guides to vaccine-preventable diseases. An integrated news feed function keeps users informed with news about current information and statements from the STIKO, as well as other important vaccine-specific announcements (e.g., supply shortages of vaccines, news).

Among other things, the app features:

• The current STIKO recommendations
• Recommendations on vaccinations for specific risk groups (indication vaccinations)
• Recommendations for post-exposure prophylaxis the technical information of all vaccines
• RKI answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)
• RKI doctors’ guide to vaccine-preventable diseases
• An interactive vaccination check, which supports the attending physicians in the individual vaccination consultation. Based on the patient’s age, gender and vaccination history, their vaccination status is checked, outstanding vaccinations are identified and recommendations for closing existing vaccination gaps are given
• Users are informed via push messages about current information and statements of the STIKO as well as other important vaccine-specific messages (e.g. supply shortages of vaccines).

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