Authoring and Content Management System (ACoMS)

Your Association’s guideline development process

  • Improved
  • Streamlined
  • Simplified

Web-based system

  • No software installation needed
  • Work online from anywhere, anytime!

Manage in one place!

  • Guidelines
  • Stakeholders
  • Project timelines

Collaborative Guideline Writing


  • Real-time collaborative editing
  • Literature referencing system
  • Rich text editing
  • Set-up table of contents
  • Comment, accept, approve, reject
  • Track changes
  • And many more…

Guideline Project Management


  • Invite and manage stakeholders
  • Oversee the entire guideline development process
  • Online Declaration of Interests form – digitally signed
  • Clear assignment of roles and writing permissions
  • Centralized communication channel

Benefits & Goals

Increase efficiency
  • Save development time from start to guideline release
  • Streamline communication – holistic, transparent and remotely accessible
  • Save travel, accommodation and distribution costs
  • Manage all guideline data and relevant meta data within ACoMS system
Increase transparency in guideline development through an open process and full accountability
Increase the quality of the guideline development process through clear assignment of responsibilities and precise documentation
Let us set up lean, fast, structured and agile development processes together !