Wards 101 a-pocketcards

Wards 101 a-pocketcards

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The new Wards 101 a-pocketcards is the abridged version of our popular Wards 101 pocket.

The author:

Jed A. Katzel, MD is a hematologist/oncologist practicing in Northern California. His internal medicine internship, residency, and chief resident year were performed in Manhattan at Saint Vincent's Hospital. Wards 101, and subsequently, this App was inspired by the tireless teaching of the cardiologist, Dr. James T. Mazarra, former internal medicine program director, Margaret Smith, MD, and the Oncologist, Dr. Bill Cook.
His application is designed to provide the key information that clinicians or trainees require when caring for patients.

The App contains the bare essentials of medical practice in the acute hospital setting as well as must-knows and clinical perls from the Wards 101 pocket. All house staff including medical students, interns, residents, and even attending, will find this an indispensable bedside reference tool.

Content includes:

  • The basic components of the history including interpretation of ECG, cardiac, lung, abdominal, and neurological exams
  • Basic outlines of ACLS algorithms
  • Common lab values and normal ranges, important equations, unit conversions, and information on proper techniques for obtaining samples (e.g., phlebotomy tubes, cultures, etc.)
  • ABG interpretation and the interpretation and management of fluid and electrolyte abnormalities
  • Outlines of common notes including SOAP, Discharge, On-service, Pre-op, Operative notes and more
  • Basic information on common drugs administered on the wards including pain medications, glucose control agents, hypertension drugs, etc.
  • Must-knows, clinical perls, and avoiding common pitfalls of practice on the wards

This App is for healthcare professionals.