Vision pocketcard Set 3rd ed

Vision_pocketcard_2013_USVision pocketcard Set
ISBN: 978-1-59103-493-3

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 The Vision pocketcard Set is a tool essential to the comprehensive examination of visual acuity and color vision. It fits perfectly into your white coat pocket, making it easy to use it on the go. The Vision pocketcard includes:

  •     Visual acuity test chart.
  •     Scheme for gauging pupil size.
  •     Three Ishihara plates for the most common color vision deficiencies.

Brian D. Marshall, OD (TLC The Laser Center): "Because this handy tool provides essential information of visual functioning on a single card, it can replace carrying multiple cards and/or other measuring devices. And unlike many other cards on the market today, this one has superb print quality." © Doody’s Review Service

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3rd, 2013

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