The Strokes a-pocketcards

The Strokes a-pocketcards

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The Strokes a-pocketcards contain the most relevant information about 23 common stroke locations.

  • A schematic anatomy map, illustrating the cerebral vasculature and the corresponding strokes at a glance
  • 23 images with exact descriptions of the infarcted structures and the connected clinical syndromes
  • Common strokes of the basilar, middle, anterior, and posterior cerebral circulation, as well as the cerebellar vessels
  • Specific structures addressed include: the internal carotid, the middle cerebral, the anterior cerebral, the posterior cerebral, the basilar, and the vertebral arteries; furthermore discussed are the superior, anterior inferior, and posterior inferior cerebellar arteries


  • Easy navigation to critical information
  • Multiple navigation possibilities via TOC and Classic View
  • Zoomable Classic View for rapid access
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This App is a tool for healthcare professionals.