Smoking Cessation i-pocketcards

Smoking Cessation i-pocketcards

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The Smoking Cessation i-pocketcard Set – Developed by our medical editors (MDs) in collaboration with the COPD Foundation – covers essential topics related to smoking cessation including facts & figures on smoking, data related to nicotine and nicotine withdrawal, as well as detailed information about treatment of tobacco use and dependence. This app contains concise tables and classifications, and thus is a valuable resource during patient evaluation, on hospital rounds, or as a medical reference.

Information includes:

  • Facts & figures on smoking
  • Risks from active and passive smoking
  • Health improvements after smoking cessation
  • Detailed data about nicotine (pathophysiology, effects, addiction and withdrawal)
  • Counseling and Treatment of tobacco use and dependence:

              o Tobacco users willing to quit
              o Tobacco users who recently quit
              o Tobacco users unwilling to quit

  • Practical counseling and social support
  • Special section covering cessation medications including brand examples, dosages, adverse effects, contraindications, precautions and instructions
  • Additional information on smoking cessation hotlines and other resources

For General Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Residents, Nurse Practitioners and other health care professionals.