Smoking Cessation a-pocketcards

Smoking Cessation a-pocketcards

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Developed by our medical editors (MDs) in collaboration with the COPD Foundation – covers essential topics related to smoking cessation including facts & figures on smoking, data related to nicotine and nicotine withdrawal, as well as detailed information about treatment of tobacco use and dependence. The Smoking Cessation a-pocketcards contains concise tables and classifications, and thus is a valuable resource during patient evaluation, on hospital rounds, or as a medical reference.

Information includes:

  • Facts & figures on smoking
  • Risks from active and passive smoking
  • Health improvements after smoking cessation
  • Detailed data about nicotine (pathophysiology, effects, addiction and withdrawal)
  • Counseling and Treatment of tobacco use and dependence:

             o Tobacco users willing to quit
             o Tobacco users who recently quit
             o Tobacco users unwilling to quit

  • Practical counseling and social support
  • Special section covering cessation medications including brand examples, dosages, adverse effects, contraindications, precautions and instructions
  • Additional information on smoking cessation hotlines and other resources

For General Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Residents, Nurse Practitioners and other health care professionals.