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The Pediatrics pocket App contains comprehensive guidelines on important and commonly seen pediatric illness, organized in a short, comprehensive, and tabular format. The app includes diagnostic and treatment guidelines, management algorithms, useful scores and scales, and drug administration tables detailing latest commonly used pediatrics medications.

Pediatrics App is using a new, innovative user interface that is elegant, intuitive and simple to use. Features include gesture-based navigation, bookmarking and annotation functions, indexed and full text searching, and numerous interactive pediatric scales and scores, such as APGAR score, Glasgow Coma Scale, fever management algorithm, and many more.


  • Latest recommendations from AAP.
  • Content is arranged in a short, comprehensive, and tabular format.
  • Handy tables detailing commonly used pediatric medications.
  • Coverage of most pediatrics disorders including mood disorders, ADHD, dissociative disorders, impulse disorders, and many others.
  • Normal value chapter covering all values according to age group.
  • A quick-reference essentials section containing a summary of general and commonly used pediatrics principles and tool.

Functionality of the app:

  • Bookmarks
  • Notes
  • Indexed and full text search
  • History