Multiple Sclerosis pocketcard Set

Multiple Sclerosis pocketcard Set
ISBN: 978-1-59103-088-1

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The Multiple Sclerosis pocketcard Set contains important information on the diagnosis, classification, and management of multiple sclerosis.

  • Signs, symptoms, and characteristic neurologic findings in MS
  • MS Classification
  • Important differential diagnosis information
  • Diagnostic workup information including evoked responses, antibody tests, cerebrospinal fluid analysis, and imaging studies (CT, MRI, etc)
  • The 2005 revised McDonald diagnostic criteria for diagnosing MS
  • MS symptom measuring scales and scores such as the Ashworth spasticity scale, the Kurtzke disability status scale, and more
  • Management information based on MS type
  • Drug administration information for the treatment of MS and its related symptoms
  • A Snellen Eye chart to test visual acuity

For physicians, physician assistants, nurses, students and all other healthcare professionals.

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