Lung Cancer a-pocketcards

Lung Cancer a-pocketcards

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The Lung Cancer a-pocketcards is aimed at presenting the user with comprehensive information regarding lung cancer. All pulmonologists and oncologists shall find this an extremely useful tool.

Content includes:

  • The risk factors and histologic classification of Lung Cancer
  • Information of paraneoplastic syndromes and key oncology definitions
  • Diagnosis, staging and Therapy of Lung Cancer
  • Well structured algorithms detailing diagnosis and detemination of cell type in Lung Cancer and preoperative assessment of functional status of the patient
  • Detailed information on chemotherapy and radiotherapy trials

The author:
Jed A. Katzel, MD is a hematologist/oncologist practicing in Northern California. His internal medicine internship, residency, and chief resident year were performed in Manhattan at Saint Vincent's Hospital.

This application is designed to provide the key information that clinicians or trainees require when caring for patients.