Laboratory Medicine pocket

Laboratory Medicine pocket
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The Laboratory Medicine pocket is an indispensable tool for medical students, internists, family medicine physicians, surgeons, pathologists, and any other professional who needs to make decisions based on laboratory findings.

The pocket is intended as an aid for clinicians in their diagnostic decisions, as well as to raise interest in the field of laboratory medicine. The prominent features include:


  • Analytical methods and laboratory diagnostic assessments arranged in a clear and well thought out structure, that allows a quick overview of important data
  • Clinically relevant tumor markers and their sensitivity in selected tumors
  • Analysis of CSF, pleural, peritoneal, and synovial fluids and blood gas analysis
  • Special chapters on transfusion medicine, therapeutic and toxicological analyses, antibodies and prenatal testing
  • Enzyme activity measurements and detailed normal values
  • Chapters are: general overview, analytical methods, proteins and metabolites, tumor markers, lipids, carbohydrates, enzymes, hematology, hemostasis, transfusion medicine, water and electrolytes, urinary system, GI tract, CSF, other body fluids, musculoskeletal system, hormones, blood gas analysis, antibodies, vitamins, minerals, therapeutic and toxicological analyses, and prenatal testing


For physicians, nurses, residents, students, paramedics, and all other healthcare professionals.


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Nicole Riddle, MD



1st, 2015

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