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Influenza i-pocketcards

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The Influenza i-pocketcards contains information on the vaccination, prevention and management of influenza, including up-to-date CDC recommendations on the prophylaxis and treatment of the novel H1N1 influenza virus (“swine flu”).

Content includes:

  • General information on influenza: virus types, antigens, epidemiology
  • Diagnostic information and differentiating influenza from the common cold and pneumonia
  • Influenza testing methods including sensitivity and specificity information
  • Complications of influenza by organ system
  • Information on the prophylaxis and management of influenza in low- and high-risk patients
  • Antiviral prophylactic and treatment dosing information including CDC recommendations on H1N1 management and links to relevant CDC websites
  • CDC recommendations for influenza vaccination in pediatric and adult patients