Homeopathy pocket

Homeopathy pocket
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The Homeopathy pocket includes:

  • Concise introduction to the holistic approach of homeopathic medicine
  • Extensive descriptions of more than 100 homeopathic remedies
  • Substantial list of diseases with references to the appropriate remedies
  • Medical terms used in text are defined in a comprehensive glossary

Description: This could be a handy pocket reference for homeopathic practitioners and lay people as it covers a large assortment of medicinal herbs and homeopathic remedies. The language is a bit confusing as discussion of each remedy seems to begin with overdosing and then covers symptoms and correct usage. Purpose: The author intends this book to be used by homeopathic practitioners and students as well as laypersons who are interested in using homeopathy. Any well written pocket reference is useful for a practitioner, but I would be concerned if a layperson were to use a remedy without consulting a practitioner. The objectives are met. Audience: The book is written for the student and practitioner of homeopathic medicine. The author has studied under several professors from the German clinic of Hof Bellevue. Features: The book covers many homeopathic remedies from snake bite venom to sulfur. Specific diseases that these remedies aid in healing and their side effects are covered. Diseases are very well covered with reference to the pages on which the remedy is described. The front of the book contains a list of equivalent terms, which include the Latin and English. Each section of the book has a grey block on its pages to give the reader a quicker index. The photos in the book are in black and white; color may be more useful for the new practitioner or the student. Assessment: As a pocket reference, this book is of medium to high quality. It is conclusive, yet concise, and would be very useful to the homeopathic practitioner.
Written by Doody Review Services, Elaine M. Enright, RN, AD, BS (Falmouth Hospital)
On: 06/02/2004

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1st, 2012

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Alternative Medicine

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