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The Homeopathy pocket is intended to act as a memory aid for all those involved in daily service to their patients and may be helpful to all others looking for a solution to their health problems with homeopathy. This app is for physicians, students, practitioners, pharmacists and healthcare professionals.


  • Introduction to the foundations and guidelines for the practitioner of homeopathy
  • Exhaustive list of homeopathic remedies with their symptomatology and indications
  • List of disease conditions and their explanations
  • The homeopathic pocket kit; an useful companion while travelling
  • Index search and full text search along with special remedy and disease search functions
  • Glossary

The content of the Homeopathy pocket app is presented using a new, innovative user interface (UI) that is elegant, intuitive and simple to use. Features include a unique and highly customizable UI design, gesture-based navigation, bookmarking and annotation support, indexed searching and support for iCloud backup.