Geriatrics pocketcards (iOS)

Geriatrics pocketcardsGeriatrics pocketcards (iOS)

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The Geriatrics pocketcards app is a concise summary of essential information on the assessment of the elderly patient. The app contains information on topics such as activities of daily living, cardiac risk, dementia, depression, incontinence, and alcohol abuse.

A variety of scales useful in evaluating the patient's health status include:

  • 8 user-friendly interactive scales, scores and calculators
  • 10-item Geriatric Impairment Inventory
  • Clock Drawing Test
  • Barthel Index of Activities of Daily Living
  • Geriatric Depression Scale
  • Functional Assessment Staging in Alzheimer

This app is for General Practitioners, Clinicians, Residents, Nurse Practitioners and other health care professionals.

App features and functionality:

  • Optimized for iphone 5 and iOS 6
  • Font change feature
  • Full text search
  • Implementation of split-view for iPad