Epilepsy a-pocketcards

Epilepsy a-pocketcards

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The Epilepsy a-pocketcards provide essential information on epilepsy related topics including assessment, differential diagnosis, EEG interpretation, and seizure therapy. The app contains concise scales and classifications, making it a valuable companion during medical examination, on ward rounds and during medical studies. Additional information includes:

  • International League Against Epilepsy classification system
  • Lateralizing and localizing signs in focal epilepsies
  • National Hospital Seizure Severity Scale
  • Checklist for care providers and patient consultation
  • Antiepileptic Drug Therapy


  • Easy navigation to critical information.
  • Multiple navigation possibilities via TOC view and Classic View
  • Well illustrated charts,tables and diagrams.
  • Zoomable "Classic View" for rapid access
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