Dental Spanish pocketcard Set

978-1-59103-494-0_Dental_spanish_pc_3er_setDental Spanish pocketcard Set
ISBN: 978-1-59103-494-0

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The Dental Spanish pocketcard Set is a vital tool for communication with Spanish-speaking patients. Its format makes it easy to use on the go.

The Dental Spanish pocketcard set includes:

  • Numerous ready-to-use words and phrases including greetings, common commands and questions, dental terms, dental equipment, dental surgery, orhtodontics and much more
  • Anatomical graphics to show the patient which tooth will get treatment
  • Bilingual dictionary with accurate translations for health-related terms
  • Clearly organized structure by situation: interview, examination, diagnosis, course of visit, instructions, nursing

For dentists, residents, nurses, students and orthodontists

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978- 1-59103-494-0

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1st, October 2013

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