Differential Diagnosis pocket (Android)

Differential Diagnosis pocket (Android)

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The Differential Diagnosis pocket is a compact reference work that provides the basic foundation for formulating a thorough list of differential diagnosis.

Completely updated version!


  • Ergonomic home screen design with more features including iCloud backup
  • Additional systematic table of contents for categorized access

The updated version contains:

  • Over 800 lists of symptoms, physical signs and abnormal findings (including laboratory tests)
  • Alphabetical table of contents
  • Keyword search function
  • Notes: Add personal notes to an entry and find all notes in the notes list
  • Bookmarks: Highlight your favorite entries

The app is an invaluable resource for medical students entering the clinical years and a great reference source for residents and other medical professionals.

For students, residents, nurses, and all other healthcare professionals.


“All differential diagnoses and their labs are included. And it works. Good job!"

“I use this app several times a day and really can recommend it.”

“As a doctor I would say the app is excellent. Even though it is not meant for teaching, it gives you a complete overview of all relevant DD. The app does not help you to differ, which DD are the most relevant and which are not. But if there is a question, search inside, think and you will not miss any important DD. So this is good for students as well. That much information in such a small book: 5 stars!"

“This app provides a wealth of useful, easily accessible information.”

“This is really an amazing app. The differential diagnoses are very easy to interpret, and there is a wealth of information about all the common diseases seen in a hospital setting. As already mentioned, all relevant labs and their DDx are included as well. As an Internal Medicine resident, I would give it 2 thumbs up. Essential!”