Acid Base Electrolytes pocket (iOS)

icon_72Acid Base Electrolytes pocket (iOS)

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The Acid Base Electrolytes pocket (iOS) is a quick reference guide which contains essential information arranged systematically to determine the acid-base status in a stepwise manner. It also contains a chapter on normal fluid and electrolyte distribution and its management in case of depletion.


App Highlights:

  • Acid-base normal values and abnormalities chart
  • Determination of acid-base status in a step by step approach
  • Interactive calculators for anion gap; estimation of fluid requirement in burn (Parkland formula), algorithm explaining diagnostic workup in metabolic alkalosis, hypernatremia and hyponatremia and many more
  • Diagrammatic representation of body water and electrolyte distribution, and information on electrolyte repletion
  • Diagnostic algorithms of acidosis, alkalosis, electrolyte abnormalities
  • Assessment and common causes of acid-base disorders
  • Essentials section for a quick reference of important material at a glance
  • Optimized for iPhone 5 and iOS 7
  • New features and functionality:

    • Font change feature
    • Full text search
    • Implementation

For physicians, physician assistants, nurses, students, and all other health care professionals.