Anesthesiology pocketcards (Android)

Anesthesiology pocketcards (Android)

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The Anesthesiology pocketcards (Android) is a concise clinical reference guide with a compilation of scores, classification, algorithm and dosage information necessary for the Anesthetics environment.


  • Complete hyperthermia treatement algorithm
  • Pediatric drug dosage table and important vitals for anesthesiology
  • The Difficult Airway Algorithm according to the American Society of Anesthesiologists
  • Fluids and electrolytes management
  • Table of anticoagulation and neuraxial anesthesia
  • Special information about cardiothoraacic and obstetric anesthesia ( hemodynamic values, drugs, risk stratification, changes during pregnancy)
  • Additional: peripheral nerve blocks and pain management (PCA Regime)


  • Easy navigation to critical information
  • Multiple navigation possibilities via TOC view and Classic View
  • Well illustrated charts,tables and diagrams
  • Zoomable "Classic View" for rapid access
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  • Free Updates
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