Alzheimer pocketcard Set

Alzheimer pocketcard Set
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The Alzheimer pocketcard Set covers essential topics related to Alzheimer Disease including diagnosis, differential diagnosis, clinical manifestations, H & P exam, recommended lab and imaging studies and therapy. The card set contains concise tables and classifications, and thus is a valuable resource during patient evaluation, on hospital rounds, or as a medical reference.

Information includes:

  • Facts & figures
  • Warning signs
  • Neuropsychiatric tests including Saint Louis University Mental Status Examination (SLUMS), clock drawing test, Mini-Cog test, Hatchinski ischemic score, 4-minute neurological exam and more
  • Diagnostic evaluation of dementia with recommended lab and imaging studies
  • Management of Alzheimer Disease
  • Managing behavioral symptoms and disease comorbidities
  • Social and legal issues
  • Pharmacologic Treatment (dosage, possible adverse effects and instructions)

For physicians, nurses, residents, and other healthcare professionals.

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