Acupuncture pocket (Android)

Acupuncture pocket (Android)

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The Acupuncture pocket app is based on the popular Acupuncture pocket book.

It is designed for beginners with little or no previous knowledge of acupuncture, as well as for psysicians interested in refreshing their knowledge.


  • Compact and concise: The most important acupuncture points precisely described and graphically illustrated
  • Differential treatmeant approaches for various diseases
  • Includes ear acupuncture: description and illustration of the main acupuncture points and specific treatment concepts
  • Suitable as a detailed practical guide for beginners and a reference guide for advanced students
  • Clear tabular format with many illustrations
  • Structured for intuitive user operation and easy navigation
  • Chapters include: General, The Twelve Main Meridians, Extraordinary Meridians, Extra Acupuncture Points, Important Acupuncture Points, Treatment Conecepts, Ear Acupuncture